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Thank you for considering St. Paul’s Episcopal Church as the site for your wedding.  St. Paul’s is a beautiful place for the celebration of your marriage, but we are more than a pretty facade. We’re an Episcopal Church, with rich expressions of worship through liturgy, preaching, music, and Holy Communion.


St. Paul’s is also a progressive, inclusive parish – biblically and socially – which in the case of weddings means we stand for and practice marriage equality for couples of the same or opposite sex; we prefer simply to call it marriage.

While you’re welcome to become a member of St. Paul’s, we don’t require membership or have an explicit expectation that you’ll become a member of St. Paul’s in order to celebrate your wedding here. We do ask, however, that you understand our faith traditions are important to us and are reflected, in part, by how we prepare for the Sacrament of Marriage and celebrate weddings.

We welcome all perspective couples to celebrate the sacrament of Marriage at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. We invite you to review the following documents and contact the Rector with any questions that you might have. We look forward to your holy and happy wedding day.


Here are some forms that you should complete in order to schedule a wedding at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church