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Music at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church – Worship Services and More

Music is integral to our worship, and important to the traditions at St. Paul’s.

We honor our musical history as we are preparing to commemorate 150 years of our church on the corner of Third Street and Saginaw Street.  We have celebrated music and musicians from the very beginning when we used a flute and cello for our first service at the Tabernacle. From the start, we have used an organ as our primary instrument.  We continue our great musical traditions with artists using the Dalton Memorial Organ for our worship services and concert series.

As always, please join us in the 2022 – 2023 season as we continue our great musical heritage.  St. Paul’s Episcopal Church has a Chancel Choir, a Gospel Choir, a Handbell Choir, and of course, many opportunities for congregational singing during our Sunday services at 9:00 AM.  In addition, ​St. Paul’s invites artists to perform occasionally at downtown Flint’s monthly Art Walk and at our ‘Music in the Heart of the City’ concert program.

Music in the Heart of the City

‘Music in the Heart of the City’ is an exciting program that carries on St. Paul’s tradition of excellence in diverse musical offerings .  Our Music Director is Holly Richardson.

Click the link below to access the Music In the Heart of the City concert schedule for 2022– 2023.

Music in the Heart of the City Concert Series 2022-2023




‘Portraits of Man’

We are pleased that Tyler Kivel, our artist-in-residence is returning to present another piano concert as part of the 2023 Music in the Heart of the City Concert series. As his final performance, Tyler’s selections are titled, ‘Portraits of Man’.
The concert will center around Charles-Valentine Alkan’s behemoth sonata, Les Quatre Âges (The Four Ages). This work will be featured like never before and offer insights on how a composer can translate the human experience into music. The concert will conclude with a virtuosic transcription of Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah.” And possibly a short jazzy prelude!


On January 22, 2023 the 2023 Music in the Heart of the City Concert Series presents “Broadway Staples – A Cabaret!” Featuring music from shows such as Wicked, Frozen, Into The Woods, Little Shop, The Sound of Music and more!
Performed by Tyler Kivel, the artist-in-residence for St. Paul’s, accompanied by Chicago’s own Britain Shutters and Michael Idalski.  Kivel holds a Masters in Music Performance from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. He has been a featured soloist with the Lake Shore Symphony Orchestra and the Chicago Metropolitan Orchestra.
The performance is family friendly.
Tyler invites us to “Come for the high-notes, stay for the laughs!”

Use this link to view a full size version of the flyer featuring the concert:

Link: Broadway Staples – “A Cabaret”


On November 20, we present saxophone and piano, featuring Kenneth Tse & Casey Dierlam Tse.

Use this link to view a full size version of the flyer featuring the concert:

November 2022 Music in the Heart of the City: Saxophone & Piano

Kenneth Tse is an award winning Chinese American classical saxophonist. He has earned a BA, MA and Artist Diploma from Indiana University and a Doctorate in Music from University of Illinois. He is currently the Professor of Saxophone at the University of Iowa, where his students are recognized for their abilities.  He has made multiple recordings under the Crystal Records label. He will be presenting with the collaborative pianist Casey Dierlam Tse.


Our first concert is on October 23, 2022, featuring Mr. POP-ular, Tyler Kivel.

Use this link to view a full size version of the flyer for the ‘Mr. POP-ular’ concert:  Tyler Kivel ‘Mr’ POP-ular, October 23, 2022


On July 31, 2022, we celebrated and bid farewell to our friend, Matthew Benkert.


On September 1st, we welcomed our new organist, Mr. Ed Arter.  We will post more about Ed, along with his bio in the coming days.


Our current organ is the third organ built for St. Paul’s Episcopal Church and was completed in 2018. This organ was built by Jerroll Adams of Milan Michigan, where he expanded and used the best of the pipe work from the second organ completed in 1940. The instrument contains eight divisions, 71 registers, 88 ranks and over 5,000 pipes. The pipes are housed in three functional cases plus an echo division in the rear gallery. The organ has a four manual console and a small two manual mini console in the gallery.

The organ was named after Florence Whiting Dalton, born to James H. Whiting and Alice M. Northup. Alice died on December 30, 1940 and her family generously gifted the church with funds for the second organ. Today’s organ pays tribute to the generous gift of her family, by continuing to be called the Dalton Memorial Organ.