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In June 2022, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church undertook an exhaustive community wide engagement of diverse and important stakeholders from across Flint for a dynamic and collaborative COMMUNITY ASSET MAPPING EVENT.

Invitations were sent to leaders from across the area, including representatives from educational institutions, arts and cultural organizations, local businesses, neighborhood associations, local nonprofits, government, philanthropy, and faith-based organizations.

The event was organized by leaders from the church and the community, and was facilitated by Partners for Sacred Places, a national preservation nonprofit, dedicated to the active community use and sound stewardship of America’s historic houses of worship… like St. Paul’s!  Stakeholders were welcomed with diverse perspectives, voices, expertise, and talent.  They were asked to consider and generate new ideas on how best to maximize the value and potential of St. Paul’s and its buildings as an asset for the community and residents.

What is Asset Mapping?

Asset Mapping is a group exercise.  Although participants came from many different backgrounds, the common bond is that each stakeholder had something to offer to the conversation: perspective, enthusiasm, connections, support, curiosity, and creativity! We worked to identify specific assets and consider the connections between those assets in order to generate new initiatives, ideas, and opportunities to leverage these for the benefit of the community.

When Was the Event?

Thursday, June 2nd at 3:30pm. We started with a tour of the building, followed by facilitated conversations and small group break-out sessions led by staff from Partners for Sacred Places.

Click the link below to access the report of the
2022 Community Asset Mapping Activity.

Asset Mapping Report


Use this link to access the website of Partners for Sacred Places to learn more about this organization.

Website: Partners for Sacred Places